We are a team of co-creators, fresh-thinkers, disruptors, shakers & provocateurs

Laurie and Ryan laughing
Ryan presenting at a Unicef event
Ryan presenting at Unicef event
Ryan, Samantha and Laurie at an EIT event
Ryan and Laurie facilitating a design thinking workshop
Ryan and Laurie laughing
Ryan presenting
Collection of photos from design thinking workshop with Naked Innovations
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Founding Naked Innovations has been an organic and exciting journey...

Spending our formative years within the Agri-Food sector ignited our passion for the food industry and enthused us to challenge the status quo. However, launching our careers in the corporate world, we were exposed to innovation that tended to be conservative and risk averse. Controlled innovation is better than no innovation at all, but we believe that the industry can do better. 

We transitioned to the startup realm, where running our own startup allowed us to question the disciplines and norms we had conformed to for so long. However, we realised that to bring real change to the industry we have to work with it, not outside of it. There, Naked Innovations was born.

At Naked Innovations we are passionate about pushing the boundaries and asking the challenging questions. We have lived the frustrations that you are facing firsthand, and our unique perspective allows us to co-create sustainable and conscious innovation together.


Startups Scaled

Trained and coached to scale and have impact with the support of our Venture Building and Innovation Hubs services.


Projects Launched

Successfully completed challenge-driven startup pilots, disruptive innovation programmes and built long-lasting expert communities.



In our network across the agrifood supply chain. Supporting with ecosystem building, startup development and challenge-based research.



Dynamic and fun events. Focused on transforming agriculture, food, water and tech. Connecting to diverse stakeholders to collaborate for impact.