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What we do:

We’ve partnered with Edible Planet Ventures to deliver our most comprehensive and impactful ecosystem curation service to date. Together, we aim to accelerate food-system innovation by connecting diverse sets of stakeholders around specific challenges.

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From Thousands To Millions - Studiopro X Webflow Template
About this service

Why build an Innovation Ecosystem?

• Engage & co-create with agrifood leaders
• Gain fresh perspectives to innovation
• Discover AgriTech trends, opportunities and new business models
• Build a portfolio of startups with innovative solutions
• Find specialist expert partners
• Enhance your market reputation & attract talent
• Develop an ‘Idea Catalogue’

We Take Your Business Reach
From Thousands To Millions - Studiopro X Webflow Template

How we curate Innovation Ecosystems:

Research Market Dynamics

Analysis of current market trends and innovations. Competitor Landscape mapping (direct and indirect).

Understand your landscape

Explore the local ecosystem. Audit, structure analysis,  stakeholder ecosystem mapping, gap analysis and challenge review.

Define goals & KPIs

Build a vision and set  short/long-term strategic objectives and specific KPIs.

Design Ecosystem Strategy

Workshop program to co-create an impactful strategy. Collaborate with diverse groups of stakeholders and team members networks.

Programme creation

Defining the programmes, establishing partnerships, creating KPIs, Challenge labs, etc.

Launch Ecosystem

Engage partners, start agreed programmes, report on progress and adjust. Launch events, communicate activity & solve challenges!